HateSphere Newsletter September 2018


Hey Rockers,

we are having a ton of news for you!
First off, our first single “Corpse Of Mankind” from our upcoming new album “Reduced To Flesh” is out alongside a hell of a lyric video. And we couldn´t be more thrilled about the great feedback we already got in only one week since the release. 7.600 streams on Spotify and 16.000 views on YouTube – how wicked is that?!

Listen to “Corpse of Mankind” HERE

Watch the lyric video HERE

But that´s not it. Alongside the digital version of the single and the lyric video, we went all old-school and released a 7” vinyl, featuring “Corpse Of Mankind” on the B side and “Kapitalismen” on the A side. Those two tracks are two different versions of the same song – one in English and one in Danish. By having a song written in our mother tongue, we were able to fulfill an idea that has been spinning around in our heads for quite a while and seeing the lyrics of Per Dich´s protest song “sådan er kapitalismen” from 1966 perfectly fitting the music of our track made it an easy decision.

Get your copy of the limited edition 7” vinyl “Kapitalismen” HERE.

Also, you can now pre-order your copy of our 10th studio album “Reduced To Flesh”, which will be out on October 19th, 2018 via our old partners in crime Scarlet Records.

When writing the record, we were asking ourselves: ‘How could we make this 10th album something special?’ And we came to the conclusion not to think about it too much and simply just write songs that fell into our minds. This let us to think about what originally got us into this music, letting a lot of old school influences flow into this one. Together with the typical HateSphere thrash sound we have worked a lot with both the atmospherical sides of the songs and also incorporated a lot of death metal influences, so for us this is by far the most old school album we have done in years. It contains everything the band stands for, grooviness and brutality, but it lets every part unfold to its full extent. This actually might be the darkest and most apocalyptic HateSphere album to date.

The minimalistic and classy album artwork has been hand-painted by the talented artist Christian Daugaard Petersen and recieved its golden eye-catching touch and elegant layout by Kenneth Bryhl. Just like all previous albums since 2005, “Reduced To Flesh” is once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio, Denmark.

The record will be released worldwide both as a six panel digipack and a limited edition vinyl alongside all digital formats.
In our official online shop you can find various exclusive pre-order bundles and have your copies signed, if you like.
By the way, we recently also relaunched our hatesphere.com website and our online store, so browsing and shopping can be more fun for you.

Pre-order “Reduced To Flesh” HERE.

Get your exclusive pre-order bundles & our merch HERE.

And last but not least, our touring news.
This fall we are going to be on the road as main support with two of the hottest metal bands out there. First of we will be joining the multinational Death Metal “super group” Sinsaenum (founded by Joey Jordison & Frédéric Leclerq) on their “Repulsion For Humanity” Tour throughout Europe, straight being followed by supporting Polish Death Metallers Decapitated on their “Anticult Balkan Tour”.
We cannot wait to hit the roads together with these talented musicians and meet a bunch of old friends and fans and make some new ones.

Repulsion For Humanity Tour 2018 w/ SINSAENUM
28.09.2018 St. Brieuc (FR) La Citrouille
29.09.2018 Paris (FR) Flow
30.09.2018 Reims (FR) La Cartonnerie
01.10.2018 Esch Sur Alzette (LUX) Kulturfabrik
03.10.2018 Hamburg (D) Knust
04.10.2018 Hannover (D) Kulturzentrum
05.10.2018 Berlin (D) Lido
06.10.2018 Warsaw (PL) Proxima
07.10.2018 Prague (CZ) Futurum
09.10.2018 Munich (D) Backstage (Werk)
10.10.2018 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
11.10.2018 Vienna (AT) Szene
12.10.2018 Zug (CH) Galvanik
13.10.2018 Milano (IT) Legend Club
14.10.2018 St. Étienne (FR) Le Fil
16.10.2018 Colmar (FR) Grillen
17.10.2018 Stuttgart (D) ClubCANN
18.10.2018 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
19.10.2018 London (UK) The Dome
20.10.2018 Amstelveen (NL) P60
21.10.2018 Copenhagen (DK) Vega
22.10.2018 Göteborg (SE) Sticky Fingers
23.10.2018 Oslo (NO) Parkteateret
24.10.2018 Stockholm (SE) Klubben
26.10.2018 Turku (FI) Apollo
27.10.2018 Tampere (FI) Olympia
28.10.2018 Helsinki (FI) On The Rocks

Anticult Balkan Tour w/ DECAPITATED
06.11.2018 Ostrava (CZ) Barrak
07.11.2018 Brno (CZ) Melodka
08.11.2018 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
09.11.2018 Graz (AT) Q Club
10.11.2018 Rijeka (HR) Okc Palach
11.11.2018 Novi Sad (RS) Firchie Club
12.11.2018 Sofia (BG) Mixtape
13.11.2018 Istanbul (TR) IF Besiktas Performance Hall
14.11.2018 Bucharest (RO) Quantic
15.11.2018 Cluj Napoca (RO) Form Space
16.11.2018 Timisoara (RO) Capcana
17.11.2018 Kosice (SK) Collosseum
18.11.2018 Bratislava (SK) Randall

Alright Rockers, that´s it for now, but be assured for more news to come soon.

Hell is here!

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